Modern drilling techniques announcing new industry standards

Mining experts use various techniques to sink holes and wells into the ground to access minerals that are underground. The various techniques are applied in different industries based on advantages and disadvantages. Below are the popular drilling methods in various resource extractions mines to help you find reputable contractors in Western Australia:

Auger drilling

This is the type of drilling that is carried out using a helical screw that is driven into the ground in a rotational movement and earth is carried out of the hole or well using the blades f the drilling machine. This drilling method is applied when sinking holes on soft grounds like swamps. Mineral exploration is commonly achieved by auger drilling when it comes to reconnaissance for other scientific projects.

Percussion rotary air blast drilling (RAB)

drill rigs in actionThis is another popular mining technique, especially with mineral exploration. This technique is also known as the Down-the-hole drill that involves a pneumatic reciprocating piston-driven to get though rocks. The earth drilled, and cuttings are blown up. This technique is mainly used for mineral exploration and water drilling. RAB drilling is great when it comes to water extraction from the underground.

Air core drilling

This is same as the above-mentioned techniques only that the blades (steel or tungsten) are used to drill the ground. The drill for this case has three blades with hollow rods. Compressed air removes the cuttings into the holes using an inner tube and the rod. The cuttings reach the surface through a sample separating system. The drilling continues by adding more rods to the drill string. Air core drilling is used to drill weathered rock because the blades cannot penetrate the rock. The best thing about this type of drilling is that it provides the best samples.

Cable tool drilling

diamond core drillingThis is a traditional drilling technique that is used to drill wells for water. This method can drill large and deep wells that reach the aquifer. Over the years, other faster drilling methods have overtaken cable tool drilling. Nevertheless, this method is the most practicable in the drilling world.

Reverse circulation RC drilling

This drilling method is similar to air core drilling since the drill cuttings are returned to the surface using rods. The drilling logic is a pneumatic piston drives a tungsten-steel drill. This drilling method produces rocks chips that are dried using air compressors. This method is applied in mineral exploitation.

Diamond core drilling

This is a combination rig of diamond and reverse circulation drilling. This diamond core drilling method uses the annular diamond-impregnated drill bit that is attached to the end of the drill rods. Micro-fine industrial-grade diamonds are normally used in a matrix of varying hardness. This method is way slower compared to others due to the hardness of the target ground.

Hydraulic rotary drilling

This is oil well drilling that uses diamonds impregnated drills. This drilling method is preferable since there is no relevance of returning samples sizes to the surface. Sizable machinery is used, and several kilometers are covered depending on the location of the oil deposits.