Polymer Portal is a tanning salon. We offer tanning beds, manicures and pedicures, as well as hair cuts, hair styles, and hair dyes. Our hours are from 8am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday, and 10am to 3pm on Saturday. We are closed on Sundays. We do accept walk-ins.

Prices range from $15 for a hair cut, to $50 for dye and style. It is $20 for a manicure, and $20 for a pedicure, or $36 for both.

Polymer Portal was established in 1989 in Manhattan, NYC. Ever since, we have grown and expanded, and now have more than 60 locations all throughout the U.S, including New York, New Jersey, California, Missouri, and Connecticut.

Why should you choose Polymer Portal? Because we have great benefits, including a wide variety of services, low, affordable prices, convenient hours and locations, great staff, great coupons and promotions, and the best products around.

We will change your entire experience with salons. We are here to service you! To make you look the best that you can. Choose Polymer Portal!