We have all been there. You are standing in your kitchen or bathroom sink, trying to stick a knife or long object down your drain to unclog your kitchen plumbing.

It never works, and you must call a plumber to unclog your drain with the long plumbing snake.
I am here to tell you; there is no need to call the plumber or a water leak detection specialist. By following some simple methods, your clogged sink will be unclogged in no time.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

do not do the following

Do not perform the following

This one is a classic. It is also very effective. You need to mix 1/3 of a cup of baking soda with 1/3 of a cup of vinegar. It will start to fizz abruptly.
Immediately pour this mixture down your drain. This chemical mix uses the fizzing action to get rid of all the nasty gunk and food particles that might be clogging your drain. Let this substance sit in your drain for about three hours. If you want, you can just let it sit overnight and wake up to an unclogged sink.

The Bent Wire Hanger

Head into your closet and locate an old wire hanger. Unfortunately, to unclog your drain, you will not be getting this hanger back. Bend the hanger until it is nearly straight.

What you are going to do is stick this wire hanger down the drain and try to chop up or loosen the clog violently. If you have a flashlight, you can even point it down the drain so you can get a better visual of what to dismember. This method works some of the time. Mostly for minor clogs.

Boiling Water

I bet you have never thought this could be used to unclog your drain. Simply boil some water in a pot and dump it down your drain. The extreme water temperature should be enough to get rid of any clog in your kitchen or bathroom plumbing.

Caustic Soda

This one can be a bit hazardous. You will need some eye protection and probably some gloves of some sort. You will be using caustic soda or Sodium Hydroxide. This substance can give you some painful chemical burns so be very careful. Grab a bucket and fill it with about half a gallon of water.
Then pour 3 cups of caustic soda in the bucket and stir until it starts to fizz. Dump this mixture down your drain and let it sit for about twenty minutes. After that, flush the drain with boiling water, and the clog should be gone. Repeat the process if needed.


This method is very interesting. Simply pour a half litre of regular Coke into your pipes and let them set overnight. When you wake up the clog should be gone. Personally, I have tried this method, and it has worked. Don’t be afraid to try this method.

Use Suction
make sure you are using the right tools

Make sure you are using the right tools

The final method will probably be the most controversial. I will not lie when I say I have used this method. It took a while, but it worked in the end. You will need to either purchase a toilet plunger or some instrument to be able to push the clog down the drain with force.

Word to the wise: do not use the same toilet plunger from your toilet in your kitchen or bathroom sink unless you thoroughly sanitise it. All you must do is use the plunger as if you were unclogging a toilet. The method is the same, and the goal is to plunge the clog downward through the drain.

It may take some time and effort, but if you are persistent, the clog should be no more.

If any of these methods do not work, research some of your methods on the internet. There are some I did not include here in this article. Worst case scenario, just calls the plumber. He or she will have that clog out for you in no time. You will just have to pay for it. Hope you enjoyed!