At times, there is a likelihood of looking for a tradesman to fix odd jobs around your house.
Therefore, it is a wise to know how to deal with your tradies because they have different personalities and not all of them portray the professionalism required of them. You might need to pull your head in when you start working with tradies at your home. Here are some tips on how to deal with tradies when they are working at home.

1. Act like an employer

workload-compared-to-workforceIf you don’t like your tradies tone, or they are doing something that doesn’t look right, or you don’t understand, get them explain what they are doing. If they are not in a position to explain what they are doing, it’s advisable to ask them to leave.

However, you will be required to pay a fee for their services.

To avoid this, let your tradies know you will do this so that they do not leave on bad terms. If it was a quote, it’s advisable not to give the tradesman your job.

2. Create a stable business relationship with tradies

Once you have found a reputable professional for your assignment, take their number so that you can call them when you need their assistance. When you establish a good relationship with a tradie, you will not be anxious when they come over to your home again.

The tradesman will get a loyal customer, and it’s a great deal for you because you get someone you can trust with your property.

3. Be specific

When you call a tradesman to your home, you need to be specific and tell them exactly what you want them to do. It will help build a professional relationship. Also, if it is an emergency, let them know in advance.
Tradies find annoying when a homeowner insists on a task being an emergency when it waits a few days. In case you want the job quickly, find a way to express yourself on it so that your tradies can adjust his or her schedule to fit in yours.

4. Make payments as agreed.

fencing-is-not-an-easy-taskThe single most crucial factor when having your assignment properly done is paying the tradies as per your agreement. Tradies find it annoying when their payments are delayed, or in case they don’t receive the agreed amount for the assignment.

5. Avoid ‘ Do as I say.’

Tradies don’t like it when a client instruct them or offer advice to do the job and yet they have been hired as professionals to handle the job. It is important to listen to the advice they give and avoid watching them or telling them to do their work properly. Avoid interrupting them when they are working on the project.