Some people work harder for a clean house than others. We have five tips that will reduce or eliminate cleaning time. These tips will help with or without your family’s cooperation.

However, the benefits will be significantly greater if you can find a way to encourage their participation.

1. No shoes in the house –

The difficulty level of this one depends on your family’s willingness to change. There are a tonne of reasons not to wear shoes in the house. Thousands of chemicals, bacteria, and viruses occupy the ground you walk every day. The floors stay significantly cleaner. You can also walk around in bare feet or socks without the bottoms turning black.

2. Change your air filters on schedule –

Your air circulation system relies heavily upon filters to remove dust, pollen, and other fine particles from the air. Replacing these filters also reduces the amount of dusting needed to keep your surfaces clean.

3. Put kitchen tools away and soak dishes while cooking –

make sure you clean counters and benchtops every day

Make sure you clean counters and bench tops every day

Cooking frequently makes a mess of the entire kitchen. Thankfully, you can clean as you go without impacting how long it takes to cook. Toss empty wrappers, containers, and waste directly into the trash. Begin soaking pots and pans as soon as they cool. Move dishes you no longer need into the sink or, even better, load them directly into the dishwasher.

4. Place laundry in the laundry baskets –

The success of this one will also depend on your family’s cooperation. It’s worth the effort to make the change. It takes a lot more time to gather individual pieces of clothing off the floor than it does to collect a few bins.

5. Clean up messes immediately –

It’s tempting to ignore a mess or only partially clean it up. Unfortunately, a mess will expand. One person puts their books down on a table and, before you know it, there’s a whole library sitting there. Something sticky spills on the floor, and it’s only partially cleaned up. Before the day is over dirt is caked onto the spot and half the floor is sticky.

None of this is easy, and a lot of it requires the cooperation of others. Accomplishing one out of five will significantly reduce your workload.

If you can implement some of the five tips listed above you’ll be spending a lot less time and effort on housework. Implement all of them and you’ll be floored by how much of a difference they make.

Find more tips in this video: