Glass Balustrade in a Modern Architecture World

Modern architecture is combining safety and aesthetics to achieve very classy looks. One of the growing trends is glass balustrade. It can be used inside the house or outside and provides a luxurious look to the room. In most cases the a frameless glass balustrade in Perth is made from hardened glass so that it can ensure safety especially when it is used on storied buildings. Here are some of the places you can use glass balustrade:
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Balconies: Many storied buildings today are adopting glass balustrades for the barriers of the balconies. On the Balcony, they provide a transparent barrier that contributes to the view from the balcony but also the building itself looks more elegant with glass balustrading, if it is made from tinted glass, it can provide a reflection of the surrounding that looks a bit like a real life painting on the building.

Swimming Pools: Instead of having the metal railing for the swimming pool, glass balustrade can be used for fencing, not only does it provide a beautiful view and safety, but it can also help in keeping an eye on kids who may be using the pool or just anyone using the pool.

Staircase: Glass balustrading can be used just under the hand rails of a staircase to give an elegant look to the stairs, they could be plain glass used or decorated glass. They can create the illusion of floating stairs depending on what kind of frames are used for installation

Fence: For a transparent fence, you can also use glass balustrade for fencing the home, it may be a good idea though to use hardened glass so that even if stones are thrown at it or a dog tried to run through it, the glass will not break easily. When used for fencing, the view is outstanding and worth the cost.

The great thing about glass balustrading is that it is low maintenance so after installation you may only need to worry about cleaning the glass.