Staying Cool In A Heat Wave

According to the BBC news, modern apartments in the UK are being built with greater amounts of insulation. Well-insulated apartments stay warmer in the winter. Generated heat is contained in the apartment instead of escaping through walls or ceiling.
This is considered to be an energy saver, but it is a double-edged sword for those who live in apartments without air conditioning.

Problems During A Heat Wave

The same thing that is a benefit in the winter can be a real deficit during a hot summer. If you live in a small apartment with a single window, cross-ventilation to catch occasional cool breezes is not a possibility. Fans only push the hot air around, and keeping the curtains or blinds closed is of limited effectiveness. This applies in particular if your small apartment faces the sun. Not only is this uncomfortable; for the elderly it can be dangerous.

A Better Option: A Portable Air Conditioner

commercial air-conditionersIf you can’t convince your landlord to install central or room air conditioning, your best option may be to purchase a portable air conditioner. Most portable air conditioning units are floor models on casters, making it possible to roll them from one room to another, or transport them easily when you move to a new apartment. Portable air conditioners do not have to be mounted in the window, although some units come with attachments for doing so if you would prefer to window-mount.

Portable air conditioning units usually include an exhaust hose which directs warm air through your window to the outside. There is also a drain hose or bucket for collected water. Better units evaporate condensate water, eliminating the need to remove it.

You should check the BTU level of the unit before purchase. The amount of BTU will tell you how much cooling power the air conditioner has. You can then calculate if it is the correct size needed for the total square footage of your apartment.

Though a heat wave may be short-lived, it’s a good idea to be prepared for it. A portable air conditioner can help significantly in a hot apartment.

Air conditioning businesses stay busy during heat waves in WA!

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